Medicare Chronic Care Management Service

How We Do What We Do

Care-Connect, LLC partners with providers to provide Chronic Care Management Services for Medicare patients. We conduct all the monthly follow-up phone calls, coordinate the provider's patients' care, answer  patients' questions, help them find services, educate and empower them about their health. We remove that time consuming burden from the providers so they can spend their time on patient care.  

We provide our services holistically for the patient and aim to be that support for the patient, in our experience there are many resources  that patients just don’t know about or don’t know how to connect with. We engage proxy care-givers and family members who care for patients to guide them through the complex healthcare system for their loved one. 

Ultimately our services help the patient better navigate their care, we help them manage all the moving pieces and educate them, our monthly calls with the patients are meant to better empower and engage the patient in their healthcare and sets the patient up for better health. 

Our services not only benefit the patient but also the provider because the patient will follow their treatment plans better, they will have a monthly touchpoint to stay on track, their health will be managed better, and subsequently will have less ER visits and hospital readmissions.  

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