About Us

Who We Serve

At Care-Connect we've set out to serve the needs of patients. Through our many years in healthcare we know that patients don't always understand their health records, medication regimen, discharge instructions, available resources and care plans. In this very complex healthcare system, patients often struggle to reconcile their care across all their providers and facilities they may go to. Patients often dont know all the resources availalbe to them, or understand their health insurance. Through our care coaching, care coordination and support services we help patients navigate through all of it so that they are empowered, engaged and can make the best decisions to improve and maintain good health. 

Caregivers also have many challenges. If caring for an elderly family member, mentally or physically ill loved one, navigating their care and understanding all that is involved is a tremendous task in itself. Searching for availalbe programs and resources is also very time consuming.  We support caregivers by first understanding the unique needs of their situation and their loved ones needs, providing the information that best fits their individual situation and helping them with care coaching and coordination for their loved one. If their loved one is in a facility we  provide wellness assessments that provide an impartial assessment of their loved one, and can also help with their care planning.

We serve as a resource to providers, we help with the coordination of their patients care, freeing them up to focus on what they need to more efficiently. We take the time to identify factors such as social determinants of health in thier patients so they can incorporate them into their plan of care. we provide a holistic, patient centered approach. Our services improve patient out comes, improved quality scores, improved patient compliance and utilization. Our services show their value in cost savings in the total cost of care, reduced readmissions, and reduced provider time spent on non-clinical issues.

Our Mission

To empower people to better engage in their care and improve their health.  

Our Vision

 Connected, healthy communities.